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About pulselab.media

Welcome to PulseLab.Media, where we redefine the essence of media solutions for businesses seeking to elevate their online presence. At the core of our mission is a commitment to authenticity and impact, ensuring that every strategy we deploy not only reaches but resonates with your target audience. Our expertise spans SEO, marketing, and securing genuine link placements on trusted websites, all designed to amplify your brand’s authority and drive targeted traffic directly to your doorstep.

Why work together?

Build Trust and Authority

In the digital realm, trust and authority are currencies of immense value. Our network, a curated collection of handpicked, authentic websites, stands testament to our commitment to these principles. These platforms are recognized industry leaders, offering an unmatched opportunity to enhance your brand’s credibility and reputation.

Customized Solutions for Your Success

Understanding that no two businesses are alike, we pride ourselves on offering tailored media solutions. Our bespoke approach ensures that your specific goals and target audience are at the forefront of our strategy, be it through targeted link placements, SEO strategies, or comprehensive marketing campaigns.

Proven Track Record

Our success is mirrored in the achievements of our clients. Through a data-driven approach and an unwavering commitment to excellence, we’ve propelled numerous businesses to the forefront of their industries, helping them meet and surpass their competition.

The team

Max L.


Max is the CEO of Pulselab.Media (owned by iCyber AB) that operates mainly in the US and other English-speaking countries.

Tom Johnson

Content marketing

Tom Johnson is a content creator at Pulselab.media, where he excels in turning creative ideas into digital realities. His days are rich with storytelling, innovation, and the occasional technical challenge he enthusiastically navigates. Beyond his professional pursuits, Tom is deeply passionate about gaming. Whether it’s strategy, RPGs, or the latest indie hit, he’s always eager to dive into new gaming experiences.

Soccer is another of Tom’s passions, offering him both the thrill of the game and a way to connect with others on and off the field. Culinary exploration is also a key part of his life; he’s the go-to guy for discovering the best local eats or experimenting with new recipes at home. Tom’s life is a vibrant blend of digital creativity, athletic engagement, and gastronomic adventures.

Current Projects

Tom Johnson - Pulselab.media
William Green - Pulselab.media

William Green

Content marketing

William Green shines as a content creator at Pulselab.media, where his passion for tech and hardware infuses the projects with cutting-edge insights and innovations. A self-proclaimed tech and hardware nerd, William’s expertise adds a unique depth to the digital media produced by the agency.

When not engaged in tech-related pursuits, he immerses himself in computer games, constantly exploring new challenges and virtual landscapes. Despite his technological inclinations, William has a soft spot for classic TV series like “Friends,” which he enjoys in his downtime. This balance of interests—from the latest gadgets to timeless television—keeps his creative energies flowing, enabling him to produce fresh and engaging content for Pulselab.media’s audience.

Current Projects